Madagascar: Red Bourbon Extract Grade Whole Vanilla Beans

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Product: 100% Madagascar Red Bourbon vanilla beans — extract grade
Usage: These extract grade vanilla beans are perfect for making extracts, beers, and soda. These are a bit dryer than gourmet vanilla and not used for scraping the seeds.
Region: SAVA region in the northeast of Madagascar
Harvest: 2021
Color: Dark with red tones
Vanillin Rate: About 1.7%
Moisture Rate: 22 – 25 %
Origin : Madagascar (Region SAVA)

Create your own vanilla extract with these beautiful Red Bourbon vanilla beans. Extracts can be made with or without alcohol. Non-alcohol based extracts use a food grade glycerine and alcohol based extracts use Vodka, Rum, or Spiced Rum. Another use for extract grade beans are for making a vanilla Porter beer and for making homemade soda.