Why Have We Discounted These Vanilla Beans?

We are selling off our remaining supply of Indonesia vanilla beans to accommodate a steadily growing increase in demand for Madagascan extract-grade vanilla beans.

If you love using vanilla beans for baking and desserts, you’ll want to get some of these vanilla beans at our steep discount. They are great for  holiday recipes, bakeries, and they make great gifts too.

Right now, our Indonesian vanilla beans are on sale — over 50% off! But don’t wait! These savings are only good as long as we have the beans in stock.

Yes! You can make vanilla extract with Grade A beans. The FDA formula for making vanilla extract with Grade A vanilla beans requires a minimum of 15 ounces of beans to 1 gallon of alcohol solution in which the content of ethyl alcohol by volume amounts to not less than 35 percent—like Vodka, various types of rum, bourbon, or pure ethyl alcohol. 

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