Extract Grade PREMIUM Madagascar Bourbon Red Split Vanilla Beans (Late Harvest), Planifolia — USDA Certified Organic — 1 Pound

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Premium USDA Certified Organic

Flavor: Soft buttery flavors that go well with dairy, orchid, and forest fruits
Moisture: 20% – 23%
Vanillin: 1.6% – 2.0+%
Length: 14cm – 21cm
Color: Light-brown to Reddish
Harvest: 2022-2023
Grown on the Vine: Picked at 9 Months at the peak of flavor

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Our Premium Certified Organic Red Split Bourbon Extract Grade vanilla beans from Madagascar represent some of the finest quality vanilla beans available. 


Moisture: 20% – 23%
Vanillin: 1.6% – 2.0+%
Length: 14cm – 21cm
Color: Light-brown to Reddish
Harvest: 2022-2023
Grown on the Vine: Picked at 9 Months at the peak of flavor



HACCP: Certified HACCP
: USDA Certified Organic in Madagascar
Kosher Certified in Madagascar
Packaged in: United States
Social Accountability Management Certified: SA8000:2014
Food Safety Management Systems Certified: ISO 22000:2018



Why Are Split Vanilla Bean So Sought After?

These Red Split Grade B vanilla beans from Madagascar also called "late harvest" beans are an indication that it fully ripened on the vine—characterized by higher vanillin content. 

The splitting starts at the bottom of the bean ranging from 1–5 centimeters (1/4 to 2 inches), exposing the vanilla seeds inside. Commercial producers of vanilla extract sometimes prefer splits because they indicate higher vanillin content. These types of vanilla beans also have limited availability.


On the Ground in Madagascar

Our Premium Certified Organic Red Splits Vanilla / US Red Vanilla Beans from Madagascar represent some of the finest quality vanilla beans available.

This USDA Certified Organic vanilla is produced in one of the few facilities that are both HACCP & KOSHER certified, showing commitment to delivering a high-quality vanilla product.

We have partnered with this vanilla-producing community in Madagascar not only because of their commitment to high-quality products but also to their commitment to high ethical standards.

They are SA8000 Certified, which means they proactively encourage the development and application of socially acceptable practices in the workplace.

Employees are paid very high salaries, with most employees being single mothers with children. They also provide technical support to over a hundred family-owned farms and local cooperatives—helping the community prosper.

In alignment with our mission of supporting small rural farmers, Vanilla Exotics will give back to this vanilla-producing community $5 for every one hundred dollars of vanilla sold. These funds will be used for various educational needs of the local children—like school supplies. 

The result is a high-quality Madagascan Organic Vanilla Bean, picked at the peak of flavor (never picked early), fragrant, and full of seeds, with light-brown to reddish coloration, all while supporting the community.

When to Use

    Extract grade vanilla beans are cured longer than Grade A vanilla beans and as a result are drier and develop a richer flavor—leaving these beans in a closed package with air, the vanilla will age like a fine wine—please do not vacuum seal. 

    To get the flavor which is locked in the Extract Grade vanilla bean, it must be coaxed out. The coaxing is typically done with a 70–80 proof alcohol like Vodka, Bourbon, or Brandy. You can also use food grade glycerin for non-alcohol extractions. 

    Use Extract Grade vanilla beans when brewing beer, soaking a whole vanilla pod to soften it, then using it like a Grade A vanilla bean & for making vanilla paste, and of course, use for making vanilla extract.

    Grade B vanilla beans, also referred to as extract grade vanilla beans, are  dryer than the soft and supple grade A vanilla beans and not as pretty as regular vanilla beans. they are various sizes and have superficial color blemishes.

    The aroma is locked deep in the flesh of the extract-grade vanilla bean. The dryness concentrates the flavor and gives you more vanilla beans per pound.


    Flavor Profile

    Madagascan planifolia variety vanilla beans have the same buttery & creamy flavors as the same variety grown in Mexico. This vanilla works well in baked goods with orchid and forrest fruits—fruits like apples, peaches, pears,  blueberries, and strawberries.

    It's flavor also lends itself to savory dishes like eggs, fish & lobster.

    And, of course, it's perfect for classic vanilla ice cream. 

    How many extract-grade vanilla beans do you need for your extract?
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    Making Vanilla Extract.
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    Packaged in Ambient-Air — Never Vacuum Packed 

    We package our vanilla in ambient air packaging.

    In a technical article by Daphna Havkin-Frenkel, Ph.D.; MBA she explains the negative effects of vacuum packaging vanilla and why we should not utilize that method. 

    Vacuum packaging vanilla beans can create an environment for anaerobic bacteria to grow. The benefit of keeping vanilla beans in ambient air packaging is that vanilla will continue to cure and develop flavor. We know of a vanilla bean seller in California with 10-year-old vanilla beans that they continue to cure like a fine aged wine. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Angela Vore
    More than expected in comparison

    I ordered from Vanilla Extracts after doing my research everything is on the website one needs to know. Vanilla Beans are good but I wanted them from Vanilla Exotics because of their knowledgeable handling and storage of the beans to enhance their flavor by not vacuum sealing. Ty will order again

    Megan Murray

    I wanted to make Vanilla Extract for wedding favors, which means I needed 1 gallon of vanilla extract. So I was looking to buy 1 lb of beans. I've made vanilla extract before, but never at this volume! I really wanted these favors to fit into our wedding budget, and Vanilla Exotics had the best price!! The site was pretty new at the time but I took the chance, and I'm so glad I did because everything arrived as described and the price with their grand opening coupon was exceptional.

    The only thing of note was that my 1 lb package of beans was not vacuum sealed, and every other type of bean I've purchased came vacuum sealed. This didn't matter to me because I needed to get them in vodka right away, but if you're buying in bulk to use slowly over time, you might want an alternative storage option when your beans arrive. Or maybe buying in quantities as large as 1 lb never come sealed!

    Bothell Robinson

    Once again great products and service, thanks!

    J Caspary

    I bought my first order of beans to make vanilla with bourbon not realizing how many beans it took until I researched your how to site. Then I had an idea to make Christmas presents and to try all forms so I ordered more beans and used vodka and rum now I’m shaking daily I’ll let you know how it comes out. And which one is best

    Bryce Lindholm

    Great looking product! Just made a traditional, a rum based and brandy based vanilla extracts today. I’m looking forward to using them in 3-6 months!