[EMERGING REGION] TK Grade Ugandan Vanilla Beans for Baking & Desserts, Classic & Creamy—Planifolia Variety

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As of March 10th, this vanilla is with DHL going through customs.

When to Use

  • Cooking, baking & desserts
  • Used for their seeds

This vanilla is from an emerging vanilla growing community in Uganda. They have applied for organic certification and plan to start the process to get HACCP certified in the next several years.

Ugandan TK Grade vanilla beans are the planifolia variety. This vanilla is mellow and impart a lingering vanilla accent with traditional creamy, smooth, and sweet flavor notes. Their creamy taste and savory fragrance make them an excellent addition to all types of forest & orchard fruits, custards, puddings, yogurts, ice cream, sauces, and cakes.

Product : TK Grade
Harvest : coming soon
Length: coming soon
Color: Chocolate
Vanillincoming soon
Moisture: coming soon 
Origin: Uganda
Grown on the Vine a full 9 months to develop peak of flavor. Never picked early.