[LIQUIDATION] Extract Grade Ugandan Vanilla Beans for Extracts—Planifolia Variety, Classic & Creamy

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Product: Extract Grade/Grade B Vanilla Beans
Species: Planifolia
Origin: Uganda
Harvest: 2022-2023
Color: Chocolate
Vanillin Rate: 2.2%
Moisture Rate: 20–24%

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When to Use

Extract grade vanilla beans are made for extracting its flavor by brewing into beer, ale, and most commonly making vanilla extract using simple Vodka, Rum, Bourbon, food grade ethyl alcohol, or food grade glycerin.

    Grade B vanilla beans, also referred to as extract grade vanilla beans, are  dryer than the soft and supple TK grade and grade A vanilla beans. Extract grade beans are not as pretty as regular vanilla beans. They are various sizes and have superficial color blemishes.

    The aroma is locked deep in the flesh of the extract-grade vanilla bean. The dryness concentrates the flavor and gives you more vanilla beans per pound.

    How many extract-grade vanilla beans do you need for your extract?
    Read the article.

    Making Vanilla Extract.
    Read the article.

    Product: Extract Grade
    Origin: Uganda
    Harvest: 2022-2023
    Color: Chocolate
    Vanillin Rate: 2.2
    Moisture Rate: 20-24%
    Length: 15cm

    Packaged in Ambient-Air — Never Vacuum Packed 

    We package our vanilla in ambient air packaging.

    In a technical article by Daphna Havkin-Frenkel, Ph.D.; MBA she explains the negative effects of vacuum packaging vanilla and why we should not utilize that method. The article also explains that in the presence of oxygen, vanilla will continue to develop more complex flavors.

    Vacuum packaging vanilla beans can create an environment for anaerobic bacteria to grow. The benefit of keeping vanilla beans in ambient air packaging is that vanilla will continue to cure and develop flavor. We know of a vanilla bean seller in California with 10-year-old vanilla beans that they continue to cure like a fine aged wine. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Aaron W
    Different but Fantastic Aroma and Flavor

    These Ugandan jungle beans hit a bit different but the flavor is excellent. I like that they are bit different in aroma and flavor then the others. It's more vanilla custard with a touch of woodsy maple syrup. Will buy again!


    I bought 1lb of extract grade and 1lb of Grade A.
    The beans were wonderful. The grade B beans seemed a bit dry, however, it was soon evident they were full of caviar. I’m expecting a great extract to be ready in December for the perfect Christmas gift.

    The ordering was easy and delivery was prompt!

    They were good and served their purpose

    My only issue with these is that they were a little drier than I am used to for grade B. The communication with the company was amazing! Super friendly and helpful! I did order some of the grade A ones to see those as well.

    Bothell Robinson

    Great beans, great service, I’ll be ordering again

    Pamela Harris

    Came fast, as advertised and now in a jar making vanilla extract. The company followed up after sale making sure everything went correctly. Great customer service.